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Private SEO Training

why choose private SEO training?

Private SEO training is tailored to your businesses needs. It is relevant to your business alone, and removes classroom noise.

You should do in-house SEO training if you do not have the budget for monthly SEO management or if your marketing team needs an intoduction to the art so SEO can be managed in-house.

What do you learn?


The Private SEO Course will introduce you to digital marketing skills and theories that are essential to any SEO campaign.

Fundamental Search Engine Optimisation


Search User Optimisation basics and skills development


Keyword research and placement


Competitor research and analysis


SEO Tools


User Experience, funnels and journeys


Google Analytics and Search Console


Content optimisation


Meta data and Alt Text optimisation


Outreach basics

Course Length


The training course lasts for 1 day, from 10am until 5pm with an hour break.


Course Structure

Our lessons employ a robust learning model centered around scaffold learning. By using this approach, trainees are given the tools to leave the training course confident in applying the SEO skills they have invested in.


What's Included?


Each trainee will be given a training manual that will be used during the course to actively engage with the topics covered. This manual will include an SEO Strategy that will be devised in the training session.




Temporal Marketing will follow up with the trainees within the 3 months following the training session, to audit the trainee's website in order to make sure the topics covered are implemented correctly.

£450 for 1 individual

£1500 for a group of up to 4 people

Charities & Non-Profits £400 for up to 4 people